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I am tired of watching our young people leave our state because we cannot provide them descent jobs

Updated: May 6, 2022

The # 1 state economy in America is located just a few miles away - It's time to become a business friendly state that recruits and welcomes job creators to New Mexico and Dona Ana County!

Many in Santa Fe (while rapidly spending the money generated from business) have come to the conclusion that businesses small and large are the enemy. In the classic liberal "tax and spend" fashion they are regulating and taxing businesses out of our state, while at the same time making new start-up and family businesses more difficult to start. This not only drives jobs out of our state, but also stifles the creative entrepreneurial spirit that will provide the next generation of new ideas, products - and jobs for our people.

“It's time to expand the foundation of our economy in such a way that the best jobs for our people are here in New Mexico - not other states."

How do we accomplish this? It is actually pretty simple - Under President Trump our economy grew at an amazing rate, so much that unemployment dropped to historical lows for all workers regardless of age or their state of residence. Now under the Biden/Grisham economy we see escalating gas and food prices, home costs are skyrocketing and New Mexico is near the top in unemployment. This must be changed, and it can be.

Good jobs and a thriving local economy are more than just that, it also means self-reliance - independence - pride in our efforts and unlimited opportunity for growth. The key is to cut (not raise) taxes, eliminate unneeded regulation and actually begin trusting our people to do the right thing. It is about empowering people through opportunity for success, not creating dependency upon government. It is about recruiting and welcoming new job creators into our state - while at the same time supporting and strengthening our industries such as agriculture, gas and oil (to stay energy independent from our enemies), tourism and many others.

As is so well-stated in the opening line of our State Constitution; "We, the people of New Mexico, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of liberty..." It is about our citizens having the liberty to be successful, not government controlling all aspects of our lives and families. We do not need "big government", but rather "big liberty and self-respect".

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