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Thanks to the failed strategies of my opponent, inflation and gas prices are at all-time highs

Updated: May 6, 2022

I was raised in a small blue-collar town by Depression-era parents who above all, taught us to work hard and respect God - country - and family. Neither of my parents were able to finish high school as they were needed to work on family farms. I love our small towns, rural areas and farm communities. If elected, communities such as Anthony, Berino, Mesquite and Vado will have a hard working advocate and understanding friend in Santa Fe.

It's time that all communities in Dona Ana County receive the funding and assistance they need to become successful.

Taxed enough already?

Our current leadership in Santa Fe, despite a billion dollar surplus from gas and oil revenues believe that we should pay more tax on gas and diesel, health insurance, vehicle registration fees and other common household expenses. These new taxes will harm our small communities and make it even harder for people to succeed. There are better solutions - But we need bold new leadership to make it happen!

I believe in enterprise zones and real job training for our young people that leads to quality jobs. We need to be more aggressive in helping to support current small businesses, while at the same time develop better ways for new businesses to get started. Family owner business have long been a backbone of many local economies, they deserve our best support to grow and succeed.

Q - Will your children and grandchildren be able to lead a better life if we continue to raise taxes, fees and regulations?

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