1-Re-building our economy to create quality new jobs 

I am tired of watching other state economies explode while we continue to struggle.  The #1 state economy in America (Texas) is at our doorstep, it is time for us to finally become a business friendly state and understand that business is not evil, rather they are the creator of jobs and financial freedom from government dependency.   I am also tired of watching our children and grandchildren leave New Mexico to find good jobs in other states.  It is time that we get serious about the economic future of New Mexico - stop the recent  reckless spending in Santa Fe - and stop penalizing  hard working taxpayers with increased taxes and fees as has been common in this administration.   

2-Our educational 

system is broken and in need of real change  

New Mexico now ranks last in standardized test scores and first in high school dropout rates.  Studies show that that 31% of 9th graders will not graduate high school.  As a parent and educator I find this totally unacceptable.  Instead of new ideas for improvement, we are saddled with the same failed strategies.  Yet every year we hear the never ending demand for more spending to solve the problem.  Money is not the real problem and endless requests for increased spending will not become the solution.  New Mexico now spends 50% of our annual budget on education, it is time as parents and grandparents we demand better results.   I do not blame our teachers, students or families for the current status of education - they are trapped in a failed system that must be improved and changed for the betterment of all. 


My plan calls for returning key educational decisions which impact our children back to our teachers and families, not to unions or bureaucrats. ​It is time that we return a standard of morality and reasonable discipline back in our schools.  It is time that we examine what other more successful states are doing and adopt fresh strategies for true educational reform that is driven by results.  It is also time for the liberal (now socialist) political indoctrination of our young people which has become so common in many high school and college classrooms to end.  Our children need to be raised to love their country, defend their nation and live the American Dream that has propelled our nation to greatness for many generations.  



3-We must stop the liberal and socialistic attacks on our values 

The question is very simple..will we become self-reliant 

or government dependent? 

I have found in life that liberals are the often most guilty of what they accuse others.  From intolerance to division they often lead the charge yet while doing so, blame others for the results of their failed strategies.  Having attended several universities as part of my doctoral studies,  I found it ironic that those who most embraced socialism quickly became capitalists when they wrote their own books and sold for profit. 


Conservatism is a financial principle based upon lower taxes, smaller government, individual liberty and a return to the founding tenants of our U.S. and State Constitutions.  This is why I support school choice and would vote against bills such as the "red flag" law which will limit our law enforcement and our 2nd Amendment freedoms.    

I am pro-life.  I stand in support of every major Protestant denomination and the Catholic Church who take the same position.  Science tells us that abortion is wrong and our faith calls us to a higher standard.  However I also believe that sometimes things happen in life. When such incidences occur we must be equally ready to assist, comfort and partner with both the mother and father with better alternatives.